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Gloei // Swevenår

About this song

Swevenår is my project to create songs in total freedom. For me ‘Gloei’ is the definition of a song that gets under your skin. The repeating mantra-like lyrics are the basis of this song. Alongside of it is the Wurlitzer piano getting out of control in a screaming tape-delay. The build starts at 0:00 and ends when it ends. But wait! Is there actually an end to this song?


Gloei (Dutch)
Ik gloei, ik glim en ik glans
Ik groei, ik klim en ik dans
Het komt, het gaat, laat los
Ik kom, ik ga, ga los.

Burn (Translated freely)
I burn, I glow and I shine
I grow, I rise and I dance
It’s coming, it goes, let it go
I’m coming, I go, go wild


Vocals, recording and production

Lyrics and music

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