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Music is heard by the ears,
but listened to by the heart.

– Olav Smink –

About Music

We go a long way back, Music and I. We know each other for years now, almost all my life.
Music has something magical to it. It has the power to move you, both emotionally and physically. You dance, you sing, you cry, you laugh. Maybe even all at the same time. Thanks to the music.

Music can also make you remember that one moment a long time ago. A moment you couldn’t even remember that you remembered it.

And music has the power to connect: it can bring people closer to each other. By making music, or listening to it together. Imagine that.


It is during the making of this site that I understood that it is the music that built it. This is for the first time I combined all my music into a single project. And during this process I remembered all the people I made the music with. And how the music brought us together. Good memories. Thanks to the music.

And I want to share this feeling with you too. So be welcome, and feel at home. Look around, have a listen. Enjoy!

I would love to hear from you. So leave a comment or connect with Facebook, Instagram or Bandcamp.